Sunday, August 19, 2007

In the news....

Well, Rimini is in the news. The meetings started with Bertone saying mass.

Rocco at The Whispers has a rather long write-up.

In the Angelus report, Vatican Radio touched on the Meeting again while reporting the greetings of the Pope to the meeting participants. (on an aside, I think, it is a great gesture that Bertone is going to Peru to be with the suffering.)

On Corriere there is an interview with Cesana. Also, check back on their page for the Meeting. It is very interesting that the Meeting is reported under the Politics section of the paper.

(Via Luigi at Yellow and White Submarine.)

P.S. I am leaving for La Thuile on Friday. After the meeting I will go to Foggia, and then back to Rome or Milan. If any of the Italians are still reading the blog, contact me at vitusspeaks [at] gmail [dot] com